This Facial Fascia Manipulation Technique Is Basically Natural Botox for Men and Women

Fascial Facial Lift Explained

The Fascial Facial uses specifically designed techniques for the face and neck. These techniques result in a natural face lift effect. Tension builds up in the facial muscles just as it does everywhere else in the body. Our face is also open to the elements all of the time as well as fighting gravity. Facial tension, congested blood flow, poor lymph drainage, illness or poor nutrition can cause puffiness, lines and wrinkles. This advanced method of facial massage not only addresses the surface of the skin but the superficial fascial tissue.

My goal is to bring life, vitality, and nutrients by way of increased circulation. I want to release any blockages in the muscles, skin, and fascia that are preventing optimal circulation and release tension that we don't need to carry with us. When we release tension and restore optimal circulation, deep lines can soften, skin becomes rosy and plump again, and worry and strain can melt from the face, rejuvenating, tightening and lifting the underlying skin, muscles and Fascia membranous connective tissue made of collagen and elastin fibres.

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What Does Fascia Do?

Superficial fascia is the layer of connective tissue right under the skin on the face. It acts as the support and infrastructure for your skin and is responsible for giving it lift and tone. It can also carry a lot of tension and adhesions that restrict circulation of blood and lymph.

Our Fascia runs through and around everything in our bodies. Unless you research fascia and see the many wonderful diagrams it is hard to quantify what is Fascia ?

Fascia is a specialised bodily system which is often referred to as the "Endless Web".

"In structure, fascia is like candy floss or a knitted sweater; tightly interwoven and web-like. If you picture an orange, it is not that dissimilar to the transparent layer of skin that surrounds each and every segment. It is thin white layer beneath the skin.

It penetrates every muscles, bone, nerve, artery, vein and internal organs. It runs as one continuous structure from our head to our toes without any interruption. It connects every part of our body supporting and holding your body together. It is a membranous connective tissue made of collagen and elastin fibres and has a lubricating ground substance.

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Benefits of Fascial Facial Lift

Potential Benifits

Fascia Facial (NATURAL FACE LIFT) will bring the following benefits:

What to Expect

The session will start with a consultation. Your skin is then cleansed with a cleanser based on holistic principles to provide a product free environment. The face is massaged using powerful techniques which are detailed above. During the session we access muscles which are inside the mouth. This is performed using non-latex gloves. If this is something that you wish not to have done, No problem, we can take that particular technique out of your session.

Results are visible after the first treatment (although at least six one-hour sessions at least once a week are recommended for the accumulative effects).The lasting effects do vary from person to person but normally the lift effect will last for 2 - 4 days after the first treatment.

It is advised to have six treatments, one a week and the cumulative effect lasts much longer. With continued maintenance at least once a month helping achieve lasting benefits.

Fascia Facial Lift does not use oils or lotions, it is performed dry so that the practitioner avoids glide over the skin but can feel deeper into the tissue



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Contraindications for treatment

Consult your Doctor First if -